Beer | The Official Guide to Portland (2023)

Beer | The Official Guide to Portland (1)


The spirit may move you to have another brew at @steeplejackbeer #ThisIsPortland

Portland is the craft beer capital and home to 70+ breweries. (No wonder we call it “Beervana!”)

With over 70 breweries, Portland is a beer lover’s paradise. Explore the city’s endless supply of breweries (many of which are concocting innovative craft beers that can only be tasted in Portland), or plan your trip around one of the city’s many beer festivals and tasting events. Check out our events calendar for even more upcoming beer-centric fun in Portland.

More Portland Events

Visit our events calendar to discover even more things to do in Portland. Search by date, event type and more.

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Breweries in Portland

Sample Portland's seemingly infinite supply of beer at one of the city's 70 breweries.

Pint-Sized Portland NanobreweriesYou might know microbreweries, but have you visited a nanobrewery? Take a sip of these tiny breweries delivering big flavors in Portland.
Central Eastside Brewery TourWith its myriad breweries and beer bars, Portland's bustling Central Eastside practically overflows with award-winning suds — this guide to local favorites will help you build your own brewpub crawl.
Kid-Friendly Breweries in PortlandIn a city with so many excellent breweries, parents don't have to choose between spending time with their kids and enjoying a great pint of beer.
Dog-Friendly Portland BreweriesPlenty of Portland’s 70+ breweries cater to both two- and four-legged visitors, providing pooch-friendly patios and bowls of water for thirsty pups.
Breweries Near PortlandThe City of Roses doesn’t have a monopoly on amazing ales! Several nearby towns are home to their own fabulous brewpubs and breweries.
Portland BreweriesPortland is home to breweries galore and some of the finest beer on Earth. With its vibrant brewery scene, bustling brewpubs and abundance of beer-themed events, Portland is a must-visit beer destination for any zythophile.


Beer Bars and Bottle Shops

These spots are perfect for finding new favorites — have a beer here, then take some back home.

  • Apex

    APEX is a bike-friendly, cash-only beer bar with 50 beers on tap and over 300 bottles available to go.

  • Belmont Station

    This bottle shop features more than 1,400 beers that have been carefully selected and properly stored under UV-filtered light. The adjacent Biercafé features 34 rotating taps.

  • The BeerMongers

    This specialty beer store and bar in Southeast Portland has more than 500 bottles to take home or drink in store for no additional cost. Their eight taps focus on seasonal beers, rare one-offs and small local breweries.

  • The Civic Taproom and Bottle Shop

    This taproom and bottle shop has 22 taps (featuring 12 beers, four wines and six ciders) as well as eight doors of bottles from around the world.

  • Saraveza

    This North Portland watering hole serves on-tap craft brews and hearty midwestern tavern fare. It also includes covered outdoor, heated seating and doubles as a specialty beer convenience store selling hundreds of bottles from around the world.

Portland Beers by Style

Ordering a pint in a city with 70+ breweries can be intimidating — use our insider’s guide to Portland beer styles to sip your way through Beervana’s best IPAs, saisons, stouts and other brews.

Find a new favorite

Annual Beer Events

A roster of annual craft beer celebrations make Portland a beer-lover's paradise.

Beer Festivals in Portland

Portland isn't shy about its love of beer — the city has nearly as many beer festivals as it does breweries.

Portland Beer Week

Portland Beer Week spotlights Portland’s breweries, high-quality brews and vibrant beer culture.

Portland’s Holiday Ale Festival

The Holiday Ale Festival, set beneath the region’s largest decorated holiday tree, returns every year with more than 50 big, bold beers designed to keep revelers warm on cold winter nights.

Brewing in the Gorge

Take in the outstanding beauty of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area while enjoying five outstanding brewpubs.

Explore the Gorge

Bars and Sipping Spots

Discover a new favorite craft beer at any of these local watering holes.

Portland’s Best Rooftop and Patio BarsWhether you're looking for a cocktail bar, a brewpub or a dive, enjoy your favorite summer beverage at one of Portland's rooftop bars or outdoor patios.
Brew ‘N’ View – Movie Theaters That Serve BeerPortland’s beloved “brew ‘n’ view” movie theaters run the gamut from funky to swanky, serving up all manner of drinks, food and films.
Portland Sports BarsWhether you're cheering on the Timbers and Trail Blazers or rooting for your own hometown heroes, these local watering holes promise giant screens, great suds and friendly fans.
Best Irish Pubs in PortlandCelebrate all things Irish, including beer, food and live music, at these beloved Portland pubs — on St. Patrick's Day, or any time of year.
Portland’s Best Boozy FlightsSip your way through budget-friendly tasting flights of local wines, beers, ciders and spirits.
Portland’s Coziest Fireplaces and Fire PitsPortland winters are usually mild, but the city offers all sorts of welcoming places to warm up. Relax next to one of our favorite fireplaces in Portland.
Portland’s Best Rooftop and Patio BarsWhether you're looking for a cocktail bar, a brewpub or a dive, enjoy your favorite summer beverage at one of Portland's rooftop bars or outdoor patios.

Brewer Lee Hedgmon Defies Racial Stereotypes

Sample Hedgmon’s one-of-a-kind stouts and spirits at Edgefield and Ground Breaker.

Meet a Local

5 to Try

Local Breweries

Start your beer adventure in Portland at one of these lauded local breweries.

  • Wayfinder Beer

    Located in a huge, century-old warehouse, Wayfinder Beer offers simple, high-quality comfort foods and plenty of lagers and ales. Their massive outdoor patio is an ideal spot to enjoy some fresh air, fries and a pint of IPA.

  • Ecliptic Brewing – Mothership

    This North Portland brewery serves seasonal salads and sandwiches along with a variety of craft beers.

  • Baerlic Brewery and Taproom

    Born out of an undying passion for the perfect pint of beer, Baerlic Brewing in Southeast Portland serves beers on tap for pints, tasters and growler filling. They offer brewery tours on Saturdays.

  • Lucky Lab

    The Lucky Labrador is a place where people can come together and drink great, inventive beer in an unpretentious atmosphere. They also have a pub food menu that is simple, satisfying and affordable.

  • StormBreaker Brewing – Mississippi

    Located in the historic Mississippi District, this award-winning Portland brewery offers original draft beers, whiskey pairings, cocktails and a hearty menu of brats, burgers, salads, desserts and more.

Upcoming Beer Events

Beer | The Official Guide to Portland (19)

Aug. 25–26, 2023

Viking Beer Fest

Nordic Northwest – Nordia House$39 – $59

Beer tastings meet Viking re-enactors and combat in this festival, featuring music, a Viking Ship, Nordic food, and more. Embark on a mesmerizing journey to the heart of Viking heritage at the 2023 Viking Beer Fest, where frothy brews and Nordic traditions meld into a singular, unforgettable experience. Revel in the exhilaration of last year’s…


Cultural Communities



Editor's Pick

Beer | The Official Guide to Portland (20)

Sept. 22–24, 2023

Oaks Park Oktoberfest

Oaks Amusement Park & Roller Skating Rink$22.95 – $43.95

Head to Oaks Amusement Park for their annual Oktoberfest, where you can expect several beers on tap, delicious German food, live bands and performances by dance groups. “Willkommen” back to Oktoberfest, the first one since 2019. This fall family festival returns with three days of authentic German food and beer, polka music, dancing, kids’ activities,…

Editor's Pick


Food & Drink

Editor's Pick

Beer | The Official Guide to Portland (21)

Saturday, Sept. 30, 2023


Lucky Lab Brew Pub

Celebrate the fall with a day full of pampering and dog-friendly activities at the annual Dogtoberfest – Portland’s pet-friendliest Oktoberfest party and biggest dog wash. Enjoy music, food, beer–including a special brew made just for DoveLewis–and pet-loving vendors, all while your pup receives a wash and nail trim. Donations and proceeds from the event go…

Editor's Pick



Editor's Pick

Beer | The Official Guide to Portland (22)

Saturday, Oct. 7, 2023

Hood River Hops Fest

The Columbia Lot$10 – $35

The Hood River Hops Fest returns for its 19th year, celebrating the fresh-hopped beers of this beloved region. Awarded silver medal for best beer festival from the Willamette Week, Oregon Beer Awards, the Hood River Hops Fest is an annual celebration of beer’s bitter friend, freshly harvested hops. World-renowned hop-growing regions surround Hood River County,…

Editor's Pick


Food & Drink


Editor's Pick

Beer | The Official Guide to Portland (23)

Jan. 13–21, 2024

Oregon Cider Week

Various locations

Oregon Cider Week Special Edition is happening with CiderCon 2024, hosted in Portland, Oregon. The Northwest cider community will welcome visiting conference attendees, media, buyers and cider fans at a wide variety of not-to-be-missed events. Save the day and stay tuned.

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Food & Drink

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