Doctor rapes women giving birth (2023)

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Doctor rapes women giving birth (1)

AN anaesthetist has been arrested for allegedly raping a pregnant woman during a C-section and it is also believed he may have carried out attacks on two more mothers on the same day.

Giovanni Quintella Bezerra (32) was arrested on suspicion of rape after he was allegedly secretly filmed orally raping a woman after he heavily sedated her at a hospital in Brazil.

The woman’s husband was told to leave the room and only found out about what had happened to his wife when he recognised the doctor on television after his arrest.

“I have never seen anything like it,” said delegate Barbara Lomba, who is in charge of investigating the case.

The woman told her family she thought she was having a hallucination at the time of the sexual attack.

Hospital staff were reportedly worried about the amount of drugs Bezerra was giving to his patients.

The doctor would use so much anaesthetic that the mothers would be unable to hold their babies after delivering.

So, suspicious staff members fitted a secret camera to see what he was up to. They were horrified to see him sexually assaulting the woman.

He reportedly assaulted her sexually for almost 10 minutes.

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Staff members who recorded the rape said the doctor had already carried out two similar procedures that day, with police investigating whether those two women were also victims of attack.

In the second operation on July 10, employees said Bezzera “wore an open cloak on himself, widening his silhouette and positioned himself in a way that also prevented anyone from seeing the patient from the neck up.”

In most C-sections the woman is not fully sedated during the procedure, but the women who went under the knife earlier in the day said they were fully unconscious during the procedure.

One of the patients said: “The only thing I remember from the surgery is his voice. He kept talking softly in my ear, it bothered me. He asked if I was okay.”

Two other people who said they were also Bezerra’s patients have arrived at the police station in Brazil since the accusations came to light.

The doctor was earlier transferred to the prison of Benfica.

He is facing charges of rape with a prison sentence ranging from eight to 15 years in Brazil.

Confessions of a human flesh eater

A convicted killer has spoken about how he ate human flesh for the first time after killing and dismembering a man.

Vladimir Nikolayevich Nikolayev (63) also known as ‘Vladimir the Cannibal’ was convicted of killing two men in Novocheboksarsk in 1997.

He was sentenced to death but had it commuted to life behind bars after Russia abolished the death penalty in 1999.

Nikolayev was filmed for a National Geographic documentary entitled “Inside Russia’s Toughest Prison”, in which he opened up about the first time he ate human flesh of a man he had killed.

(Video) Woman Was Sexually Assaulted in Dentist’s Chair While Under Anesthesia

“I was coming home from a party a little drunk. And next to the door of my building another guy, also drunk, asked me for a light,” Nikolayev recounted.

“We started arguing and got into a fight. He hit me, and I hit him, and it turned out he died.”

He assured the filmmakers that he had no intention of eating his victim when he murdered him, and the idea only occurred to him as he was dismembering his body and handling the flesh.

“What was I to do?” he continued. “I dragged him to the bathroom, undressed him and started cutting him apart.”

It was only after taking off the man’s head and limbs that he realised there was nothing stopping his curiosity to eat this man.

“All of a sudden something struck me and I thought I would try him. I cut off a piece of meat from his thigh and boiled it,” he said.

“I tried it, didn’t like it, so I chopped it up and fried it in a frying pan.”

In the interview, Nikolayev disclosed that he gave some of the human flesh to an acquaintance who took it home to his wife and child.

He said: “He took it home and gave it to his wife. She made dumplings with it, she had some herself and fed some to her children. They did not know what it was.”

“I said it was kangaroo,” Nikolayev said with a smirk. “We do not have kangaroos around here. They did not know what it was.”

Nikolayev was accused of selling around 5kg of human flesh at an open market, claiming it was kangaroo meat.

He was eventually caught after a woman noted the unusual taste and took it to a doctor for examination, where it was discovered to contain human blood.

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After making the grim discovery, the doctor contacted the police and was arrested shortly after at his home.

Nikolayev will live out his remaining days in the notorious penal colony on a diet of mostly soup and bread.

At Black Dolphin, prisoners are kept bent over at the waist while a guard holds their handcuffed hands behind their back, higher than the hips.

This position keeps the prisoner most helpless, unable to observe his surroundings nor attack anyone else.

Bishop robbed at gunpoint in church

Bishop Lamour Whitehead was robbed at gunpoint in the middle of a sermon on July 24 and it was all caught on video.

The service was being live streamed when, suddenly, the bishop raised his hands in surrender and lay on the ground as members are heard screaming.

The church’s live stream shows the gun being held on the pastor.

The bishop later gave an update.

He said he was five to 10 minutes into preaching Sunday morning on Ramsen Avenue in Canarsie, Brooklyn, when he saw the door in the back of the room kick open and three to four men walked in with guns.

“I said, ‘Alright, alright, alright,’ pretty much stating that I am not going to do anything because I know you are coming for me. You are coming straight to me. I do not want my parishioners hurt. I have got women and children there.

“As I got down, one went to my wife and took all her jewellery and had the gun in front of my eight-month-old baby’s face. Took off my bishop’s ring, my wedding band and took off my bishop’s chain and then I had chains underneath my robe and he started tapping my neck to see if there was anything else. So that means they knew. They watched and they knew that I have other jewellery.

(Video) Brazilian doctor arrested for assaulting patient during c section

“They had guns on my deacons that were at the door,” said Whitehead, of Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries.

He also added that what viewers did not see on camera were around 100 congregants who were in the room.

Men, women and children dropped to the floor in silence.

“My church is traumatised. The women and children are still crying. Babies are still crying,” said the bishop.

According to police, the men took off in a white Mercedes.

Whitehead said cops have a license plate and witnesses saw the men change clothes outside.

“These men, they need to turn themselves in,” Whitehead said. “I forgive you and I’m praying for you, and I hope that God deliver you from the mindset of who you are at this time.”

Whitehead believes his family was targeted because of the publicity he received when he helped turn in the suspect wanted in the fatal subway shooting of 48-year-old Daniel Enriquez in May.

“I turned him in, but the media called me ‘the bling, bling bishop.’ They had my Rolls-Royce car all over and I feel that they played a part in this,” said Whitehead.

“I think all pastors should be able to get permits for pistols.”

The police are investigating and Mayor Eric Adams has pledged support to find the suspects.

Meanwhile, Twitter users have taken to the platform to ask why the bishop had so much expensive jewellery while preaching and they are blaming his flamboyance for the attack. – Wires

(Video) Surgeon and woman accused of drugging, raping two women


Did a doctor assault a pregnant woman during C-section? ›

Doctor Caught Raping Pregnant Woman Undergoing C-Section, Police Say. A doctor in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has been arrested after he was caught allegedly raping a woman while a cesarean section was being performed on her, according to police.

Who was the anesthesiologist charged with sexually assaulting patient? ›

-based anesthesiologist Leng Ky was sentenced to 17 years in prison for sexually assaulting patients while they were unconscious, the Times of San Diego reported March 16.

Can you sue if baby is cut during C-section? ›

Yes. Your infant's fetal laceration may be caused by your doctor's inexperience or negligence. If this is the case, you have the right to sue your doctor for causing fetal lacerations in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Can my husband watch my C-section? ›

The vast majority of hospitals will allow you to have one person of your choice to attend the birth. This can be your partner, doula, mother, friend, etc.

What doctor was suspended for sexting during surgery? ›

Arthur K. Zilberstein, for allegedly sexting dozens of times a day during surgeries. A Seattle anesthesiologist who allegedly sent sexually explicit texts dozens of times a day while he was supervising C-sections and other surgeries has had his medical license suspended immediately.

Who was the pain doctor found guilty of sexually assaulting? ›

Ricardo Cruciani was known as a gifted neurologist. But Manhattan prosecutors said he took advantage of his patients' chronic pain.

Who was the former UCLA doctor found guilty of sexually abusing patients? ›

A Los Angeles jury found Dr. James Heaps, a longtime UCLA campus gynecologist guilty Thursday of five counts of sexually abusing female patients in a criminal case that came after the university system made nearly $700 million in lawsuit payouts.

How often do doctors cut babies during c-section? ›

Babies cut during C-sections or fetal lacerations are not common. A study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology reported fetal lacerations varied from 0.7-1.9%.

Is the stitch still in the c-section wound? ›

Dissolvable stitches will usually disappear on their own in 7-10 days. Non dissolvable stitches may be removed at 5-7 days after being assessed by the midwife that they are ready to come out. During this time you may see small pieces of stitch material poking out of the healing scar - do not be tempted to pull these.

What if a mother refuses c-section? ›

Thus, a woman's refusal to have a medically indicated cesarean delivery may often lead to greater complications for the fetus, the woman, or both. Refusal of medical treatment is correlated with greater rates of fetal death and disability.

Can I finger my wife after C-section? ›

According to Baby Centre, you need to wait because you're losing lochia as your uterus heals, and penetration before the bleeding halts could quickly lead to an infection. So, as a result, the general wait time before penetration, including fingering, is four to six weeks or when your doctor's given you approval.

How can I satisfy my husband after C-section? ›

Here are some tips to help return to intimacy:
  1. Spend time together without the baby. This can be more of a challenge when you're new parents, but it's still important. ...
  2. Compliment your partner. ...
  3. Get plenty of rest. ...
  4. Touch the non-erotic parts of the body. ...
  5. Talk to your partner. ...
  6. Talk to your health care provider.
Jun 13, 2022

Can I eat my wife out after C-section? ›

Although healthcare providers recommend you wait to have penetrative sex after childbirth for at least four to six weeks, oral sex is usually fine sooner. Oral sex and other forms of "outercourse" or external simulation after birth could be safe even a few days after delivery.

Is it illegal for doctors to sleep with their patients? ›

In general yes, any type of sexual conduct with a patient is going to be considered malpractice, regardless of whether or not the patient consented to the conduct. As such, consent is not a valid defense to malpractice.

Can my doctor Facetime me? ›

The short answer is yes!

Do doctors tweet surgeries? ›

Whether it's new and cool or merely yicky, observers say there's no question that more and more doctors -- and patients -- will be sharing the blow-by-blow of medical procedures on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Who was a doctor that turned into a serial killer? ›

Harold Shipman, in full Harold Frederick Shipman, (born January 14, 1946, Nottingham, England—died January 13, 2004, Wakefield), British doctor and serial killer who murdered about 250 of his patients, according to an official inquiry into his crimes.

Who is the dentist accused of sexually assaulting patients? ›

David Evans Webb Accused of Sexually Assaulting Patients.

What sports doctor was accused of sexually assaulting patients? ›

Lawrence Gerard Nassar (born August 16, 1963) is an American convicted serial child rapist and former sports medicine physician.

What did Jeffrey Nassar do? ›

In November 2016, Nassar was charged with sexual assault of a child. Michigan attorney general Bill Schuette stated that the assaults began when the victim was 6 years old in 1998 and lasted until 2005.

How much does a doctor make at UCLA? ›

The estimated total pay for a Physician at UCLA is $221,238 per year. This number represents the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges from our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and based on salaries collected from our users. The estimated base pay is $173,782 per year.

Which Cleveland Clinic physician was charged with sexually assaulting three patients? ›

Massoud, 66, of Westlake, was charged Friday in Cleveland Municipal Court with three counts of aggravated kidnapping and three counts of gross sexual imposition.

What mother accuses doctors of forcing a C-section and files suit? ›

Mrs. Dray is suing the doctors and the hospital for malpractice, charging them with “improperly substituting their judgment for that of the mother” and of trying to persuade her by “pressuring and threatening” her during the birth of her third son, Yosef, in July 2011.

What is obstetric assault? ›

What is Obstetric Violence? Obstetric violence is an attempt to control the birthing person's body and decisions, violating their autonomy and dignity. This mistreatment of women and birthing people in the childbirth setting is often delivered verbally and normalized as routine care.

What is medical negligence while pregnant? ›

What is Pregnancy Negligence? Pregnancy negligence is when you receive ante or neonatal care that is below an acceptable standard. Additionally, that substandard care causes personal injury to you or your baby.

Will doctors let you watch your C-section? ›

This type of anesthesia lets you still be awake and aware of what's going on. Your doctor may offer you general anesthesia, which will put you to sleep, but it's unlikely for most planned C-sections. The doctor will place a screen across your waist, so you won't be able to see the surgery as it happens.

Why is Obgyn the most sued? ›

For obstetricians, one of the main reasons for higher lawsuit risks is believed to be associated with an increase in recommending or performing C-sections that are not medically necessary for healthy pregnant women. Other findings indicated that older physicians and male physicians have a higher risk of being sued.

What happens if a woman refuses a C-section? ›

Thus, a woman's refusal to have a medically indicated cesarean delivery may often lead to greater complications for the fetus, the woman, or both. Refusal of medical treatment is correlated with greater rates of fetal death and disability.

Can a patient refuse C-section? ›

You have a right to say no to medical procedures a doctor or other provider thinks you should have. If a doctor tells you you have to have a c-section, you have the option to tell the doctor you will decline the procedure. You can also simply go to the hospital when you are in labor and decline the c-section then.

What defines traumatic delivery? ›

What is birth trauma? 'Birth trauma' is distress experienced by a mother during or after childbirth. While trauma can be physical, it is often emotional and psychological. Birth trauma is not just about what happened during labour and the birth. It can also refer to how you, as the mother, are left feeling afterwards.

What is pregnancy trauma called? ›

Postnatal post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a type of anxiety disorder. It is also known as birth trauma. You may develop postnatal PTSD if you experience traumatic events during labour or childbirth.

What is obstetrical traumatism? ›

Obstetric trauma during vaginal delivery without instrumentation is an injury to the mother while giving birth by vaginal delivery without the aid of birthing instruments.

Can you sue your doctor if you get pregnant on birth control? ›

Under state and federal laws, it is possible to sue medical providers and drug companies for wrongful birth if contraceptives that were intended to prevent a pregnancy fail to work as directed.

What damages are caused by pregnancy? ›

The two major pregnancy and delivery complications women face are pre-eclampsia (a condition marked by high blood pressure, swelling and signs of damage to the kidney or liver), and gestational diabetes — a form of the illness that develops during pregnancy.

What is a prenatal tort? ›

Prenatal tort causes of action include personal injury, wrongful birth, wrongful life, and wrongful pregnancy. Personal Injury. Generally, a child born alive has a right of action in tort against a defendant for injuries negligently inflicted when the child was a fetus.

Why are women's arms strapped down during C-section? ›

Sometimes, your arms will be strapped down in a T-position away from your sides. This is done to prevent you from accidentally interfering with the surgery. You may also have a catheter placed. There will be a drape placed at your abdomen to keep you from seeing directly into the incision.

How many C-section can a woman have? ›

“So, every patient is different and every case is unique. However, from the current medical evidence, most medical authorities do state that if multiple C-sections are planned, the expert recommendation is to adhere to the maximum number of three.”

What is more painful C-section or natural birth? ›

Even though labor and vaginal birth can be hard work, they are generally easier on a woman's body than a cesarean. Recovery after vaginal birth is usually shorter and less painful than after a C-section, and allows the woman to spend more time with her baby.


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